Sharon – Positive Peacocks Class

One day I see a man with his milk. So he put the milk ni the truck. I see a man with his bike and is ball. A girl had a shop is was a tea shop so all the people can buy the tea. I see a man in the bus too leaf the people.

2 thoughts on “Sharon – Positive Peacocks Class”

  1. You have written some great sentences about the picture that let your readers know about the interesting things in the village. You have been careful with your punctuation, making sure to put a capital letter at the start of each sentence. Some little words are mixed up or missing. I find it helps me to check my work if I read it out loud. That helps me to hear where I have mixed up a word in my writing.
    I’m looking forward to seeing more of your writing in the future.
    (From Mrs Batham in Australia)

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