Zi Ning – Positive Peacocks Class

Once upon a time there a beautiful woman selling tea. Her Name called Elsa. She was so pretty and even she has a nice apron. I saw a big jigatik house with a chining on the top. A postman was riding a beautiful red bicycle

3 thoughts on “Zi Ning – Positive Peacocks Class”

  1. You have noticed a lot of details in the picture prompt and used some great adjectives to describe the things you can see. I didn’t notice the gigantic house with a chimney on top until you pointed it out! My favourite part of the picture was the little birds on the table. I wonder if Elsa is about to shoo them away…

  2. From Sculthorpe Primary Academy, England

    We loved your story because of some good adjectives. We also wrote stories about this picture. One of the boys wrote, “In the air, there was a delicious smell of doughnuts coming from the Tea Rooms.” Could you smell doughnuts too?

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